The Swamp Window

Well after a few years of hoarding my photos I have finally started the long process of colour correction and final cropping of some of my favourite shots. I have always struggled with this stage of the process but with the expert guidance of Paul Jerinkitsch I have completed my first image.

The Swamp Window


This is the upper floor in the room we Christened “The Swamp” in our 1867 General Store in Kilworthy Ontario. Due to years of neglect we had to demolish quite a bit of this Century old building (we reclaimed wood) originally built by the Railway as it extended the line from Orillia to Gravenhurst.

We have finished as much demolition as we can handle at this time and I now have a permanent place for the roses and wisteria I received from my son this year for mother’s day.We planted them in a garden at the edge of where the patio will eventually be. I can’t wait to see it this weekend!

We will be “camping” up at the property this year as I am setting up our room with the bed and a good bug screen so we can enjoy our efforts and century Cottage. This summer we are going to be working on preserving what is remaining so we can restore it and call it home when we retire.


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