Its in my head…

I hope everyone enjoyed their day off in Canada yesterday … well 15 minutes ago… I have been diligently working on my art and loving the results. I have always wanted to be able to share my “It in my head” images, thoughts, music (I have a great voice for in my head), food, inventions and silly thoughts and I have reached that point in my life!

Image Havana Church Window

This summer is looking to be a great one. Our group of artisits are in full swing each Thursday evening with two group shows at the Mill Pond Gallery. We also have an opportunity to display and sell our work at Sunnybrook Hospital.

I am in a very exciting digital photography show in New York that opens July 25th. I have posted a number of images I will be posting on my profile at – I will be judged and 3 images will make it onto the big screen!Getting to the big event will take some doing but I am hoping to raise enough by July 20th to attend with my biggest supporter; my husband Simon Clermont.

The following pic is a fun one. I took it while riding on the back of a moped after a cruising around Veradero! I hope you enjoy it.

Night Movers


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