Look out canvas, TerraSkin has arrived!

I have been surfing for some heavy duty paper for large pieces that will be stretched like a canvas. I didn’t want to use watercolour paper as I have had a few punctures happen in the past. I picked up some TerraSkin paper and I am in love!
It is tree friendly, feels like a heavy weight silky satin lingerie fabric and can take a beating. So far I have done a couple of tests for stretching it with great results. It accepts ink, graphite and oil paint like butter takes to bread – can you tell I am tired and hungry? The super smooth surface works perfectly for my specific painting style and the ink takes a slow ride when applied in a vertical painting position. I am not sure how the absorption is or how long the paper will hold up to the acidic oils but so far so good. Once I get my first piece off the support board I will be able to see how it reacts.
Here is a detail of one of the paintings I am working on for our upcoming Spring Green art show at the Mill Pond Gallery


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