Boorman & Smith

I spent a great deal of time on this painting today. It told me when to stop because by that time each stroke of the brush revealed what I had just out down only moments ago. Kind of like command z…but with a brush, linseed oil and oil paint.
The photo I took last year, we were walking the dog, it was a very wet year so there were an abundance of fungus sprouting off the rain sodden logs that litter the bush up north. Morrison Lake in Kilworthy. I couldn’t resist these babies so it romped back to the house and grabbed my camera even though it was raining by that time.
They were just after Gary Boorman’s driveway on the lake side of the road. I got as low as I could, climbed in the ditch and grabbed a couple of pics. There were so many varieties I couldn’t believe some of them. Orange and red and bright yellow, giant toad stools worthy of Matilda, the Kilworthy Store’s toad in residence. I love nature in all it’s glory, even the overlooked and under appreciated Fungus!
I have wanted to draw this pic since I took it. I started a few times but never got further than an outline. I don’t know why today was the day, but once I started taking the staples out of the recycled frame my mind was made up, I was painting them today.
It all started with an attempt at a value blocking in, things started to get pretty wild. Brushes blurred their way across the a canvas, paint was spread, scraped rubbed and removed. Along the way I kept remembering the lessons Gary smith taught me – much, some, little – see what you are looking at – values – slow down – look again – stop.
This painting is like two parts of my life have come together and I kind of like the results. So here you go… Hope you like it as much as I do!


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