My Muskoka Style of Painting

I have always loved the landscape. Growing up in the woods in Muskoka made it easy to do this no matter what the weather is. I have spent many a day tromping through the woods with my camera snapping to my hearts content and getting some great shots. My personal hurdle is capturing my landscape with paint. I have tried over the years with few mediocre results but I have not given up.
This weeks marks my husband and my 25th year together and while we are taking a break from the rat race I will be painting. So far I have done a number of colour scales, some abstract early morning attempts at the big Muskoka sky and a some more mediocre small scenes.
I am not going to let the paint get the better of me! I have been watching art documentaries, doing the google and struggling though suggested pallets. Today I put away the black (which I never really use anyways) the tube greens and kept a vibrant small assortment of colours on my pallet and started again. The first two were an improvement on yesterday’s for sure. After a short break and a cuddle with my granddaughter I went back outside to try again. I listened to my instincts, remembered all the tidbits from art classes and I am finally on my way to being able to capture the heat of the sun as it bounces around in the bush.
I guess I just had to slow down, use colours I love and paint what I know.



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