An itz just paint Success Story

I want to share one of my student Kevin’s success. 

Here is Kevin’s second painting he did during his time in my art classes. 

He started taking classes with me Jan/16 had a hiatus of almost 9 months and completed his 16th class last night – he is moving to the Beach so I hope to keep abreast of his  art journey via eamail etc. He had never formally painted before and with some basic colour theory, a few colour chart exercises and really only 1 lesson that was dedicated to drawing he accomplished two fantastic paintings.

This last one he really started to understand the brushwork and layering to get to where he wanted his art to be. I never touched any of his work just guided him and demonstrated on separate surfaces. 
The secret to his success is following the painting processing for the style of artwork he wanted to create. When my students dedicate time to their art their goals are fulfilled much quicker. This is one of the many things we all learn along our art journey as we keep going, try new approaches and learn from each other. 

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