Me&SweetPea_SM I love drawing and painting.

I wake up and look at the light in my room and think of how it would look in a piece of artwork.

My work is always evolving.

As I work each piece emerges through ideas and energy. I never really know what each will be and am often surprised with the end result.

My sketchbook is my constant companion I draw wherever I can and whatever is around me; these are often a starting point for my larger pieces.

My process is varied as is my subjects. I love the raw emotion of abstract painting and portraiture allows me to escape into the details and intricacies of an individual’s features.

Sharing my knowledge with others is very satisfying – especially when they can take what I show them and create something they are proud of.

I love experimenting with different techniques and mediums. I always wonder what else can I do with this; where will it take me.

Contact me at

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