Bands & Fans

Dedicated to Canadian musicians and their fans!
I have always loved taking pictures. I started photographing concerts in my teens at Canada’s Wonderland, Exhibition Stadium, the Ontario Place Ampitheater and Maple Leaf Gardens. I loved how the crowd moved together as if we were all connected by the music.
I now know that we are.
I started taking more pics of the crowd enjoying themselves. The atmosphere created by the union of the music, the undulating bodies and the energy of the masses inspired me to create this body of artwork.
My first piece in the series is titled “Jenn in Pencil”.

A beautiful young woman enjoying the Canada Day Celebrations at Chiefs Island on Lake Couchaching. Bass Player and Sunlight Singer soon followed.




My most recent event was the Norfolk Blues Festival on July 19-20. The weather wasn’t cooperating on Saturday but I was able to capture some True Canadian fans and the musicians they love. Here is Brad and his 40 year beard, Jordan Patterson blowing on his harmonica and Bobby Thompson checking things out.



These pieces are just the beginning. Additional pieces will be added to the series and will culminate in an art show with large scale pieces and intimate sketches depicting our great Canadian attitude!
Sign up for updates and an invite to the opening by dropping me an email at

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