Itz Just Paint Art Classes

Focus on your artistic goals

The foundation of the Itz Just Paint© art classes is formed around many classical techniques for drawing, colour theory, composition and painting. Students also explore more modern techniques & mediums; they combine these with the traditional & create a personal style that is all their own.

Visualization & critique are a large part of being successful. These tools enable each person to grow artistically from one piece to the next.

My approach encourages trust in yourself and your abilities. Mediums include graphite, charcoal, soft pastels, watercolour, acrylic and oil paint. Material & surface preparation are also key to developing your own style. Art store & gallery visits can also be arranged with the group if desired.

Class Schedule

Thursday’s at the Mill Pond Gallery. 314 Mill St., Richmond Hill
1pm – 4 pmAdults (17+) Drawing & Painting Techniques (Please contact Michelle to arrange for an assessment if you have a budding artist who would like to join the class)Focus is on learning traditional and modern art techniques and applying them to your subject matter and medium. This process leads to individual style development. 8 classes $250 plus materials if you wish to see which medium you prefer or just want to try something new without the cost of purchasing supplies, or supply your own.

4pm – 6 pm – Art for Kids & Teens (8+ or contact Michelle to arrange an assessment for your child). A fun class that focuses on learning a variety of mediums, styles and experimenting with new techniques. Drawing, painting and sculpting projects will be the focus or your child can bring in personal work or school projects they want to work on. Please contact Michelle for start date as most projects run for 3 weeks (quality not quantity is important for Art sake). All materials supplied. 8 Classes $225 plus $25 materials fee.

6:30 pm – 9:30 pmAdults (17+) Drawing & Painting Techniques (Please contact Michelle to arrange for an assessment if you have a budding artist who would like to join the class) drawing and painting techiques – Open class start any time or take one class ($40 materials included) to see if you like the class. Focus is on learning traditional and modern art techniques and applying them to your subject matter and medium. This process leads to individual style development. 8 classes $250 plus materials if you wish to see which medium you prefer or just want to try something new without the cost of purchasing supplies, or supply your own.

A few samples of student work. Check out the Itz Not Just Paint student art page for more!

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What students are saying 

Michelle consistently provides a personalized learning environment – regardless of the audience, skill level, or medium. I have been enrolled in Michelle’s class for over 10 weeks now and will most certainly continue her course, specifically for her tailored instruction. She makes sure to provide us with adequate theory (i.e. creating own colour charts, understanding values, etc.) while creating our artwork.
Michelle is personable, knowledgeable, and patient; she provides a relaxed, efficient, and fun class every time – I always look forward to attending… highlight of my week!  Arina Colo
We have nothing but positive comments to say on Michelle’s teaching ability. She has shown incredible patience, and dedication to your students and teaching them artistic techniques. But most of all, you have an incredible rapport and empathy with your students, particularly with our daughter E ; and we believe it is this quality that renders you most fit in the art of teaching. Alex and Orit Porat Note: E was recently accepted into an exclusive York Region High school arts program starting 07/16 
When I signed up for Michelle’s ‘Exploring Artistic Techniques’ course, I hadn’t touched a paintbrush or sketch book in years. I was intimidated that I may not have the skill level to keep up, but was quickly comforted after our very first class. Michelle is a passionate teacher who loves sharing her wealth of knowledge with her students. It was exciting to try a variety of mediums in a supportive and exploratory environment. Michelle has the ability to guide you through your work, by pointing out your areas of strength, but also modeling techniques to help you improve. I’m looking forward to continuing my artistic journey with her! Erin U
I am taking Thursday eveining classes with Michelle. It’s been a fabulous experience. She has taught me what type of paint to use, how to mix colours and which brushes to use. The class is very relaxed and each student is guided individually. I would recommend the art class to everyone. You will be surprised by what you are capable of createing. Aneela
Michelle is an intuitive, versatile and empathetic art teacher. Her versatility has allowed me to be challenged and inspired to try new things. I have learned to work slower and view my own artwork with more confidence. Her art classes are relaxed and happy and she fosters my autonomy. Michelle is always ready to share, whether it is her knowledge or her paintbrushes. I feel very privileged to have met such a wonderful teacher. Lesley Block Note: Lesley has developed her own style and is exhibiting across Southern Ontario
Michelle is a very talented artist and a gifted art teacher. Her positive approach creates an enjoyable learning environment in her class where each student gets individual attention and quality instruction. She motivates, connects, guides and encourages each student to go on the path he/she is interested to pursue. She knows how to bring out the best talents in an individual and finds the artist in each – I know for sure she did for me! She inspires and develops confidence and self expression in the young and the old. I’m so happy to have Michelle as my teacher and mentor. Sylva Sroujian
Michelle has been providing me with acrylic painting lessons since March of 2016.Michelle has provided exceptional instruction. By assessing my ability and understanding my goals, she was able to provide an environment and program that was not only educational, but fun and really allowed me to develop a passion for painting. As we went through our lessons, she was constantly refining the plan and adjusting as I progressed. Her commitment to excellence motivated me to continue with my lessons and produce pieces I was proud of.
Not only has Michelle provided me with painting instruction, I’ve also seen her interact and teach other students. Her ability to modify her teaching style to address the different needs of her students is remarkable. She constantly reinforces art theory while making the class fun, engaging and exciting.
The most impressive aspect of Michelle’s teaching is her enthusiasm for her students. She is able to present the material while projecting a composed presence, a great sense of humour and maintaining a positive learning environment. Francis Silva, Business Engagement Management – Supply Chain, Category Management & Business Intelligence, Shoppers Drug Mart
My admiration for Michelle started from the moment I’ve observed her passionate and creative way to work with kids. She is strategic, out-of-the-box but meanwhile grounded and hands-on. Michelle is a gifted facilitator and an expert teacher. I gained valuable insights and my personal journey was enhanced by her authentic desire to share her wisdom and perspectives doubled by her experience as a true artist. Michelle has an open and vibrant personality, she combines outstanding technical knowledge with passion and she is committed to deliver results. All these qualities make her a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend my art teacher. Angelica

Thursday’s at the Mill Pond Gallery, 314 Mill St in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Contact me for more info.

Happy painting!

Check out our Itz not just paint summer camps. New art activities every week! Great natural location at the Mill Pond Gallery!

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